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Euroalpha technical team has been the first to introduce the multimotor technology on rod breakdown machines for non-ferrous wires, in order to achieve LIMITED-SLIP operations and exceed the performance of conventional slip-type drawing machines.

Annealers with motor-driven shafts followed later, to match the drawing machines' enhanced technology and break through the typical limits of conventional belt-driven annealers.

Euroalpha opted for low-inertia a.c. motors and state-of-the-art vector inverter drives, to secure best precision speed control through a maintenance-free system.Improved algorithm to synchronize motors and minimize slip has been set up thanks to 16-years continuous research and testing onto limited-slip technology.

Euroalpha design positively affects operations and maintenance, improves wire quality and it also brings a significant contribution to running costs savings:
  • energy consumption substantially reduced;
  • working lifespam of drawing capstans and annealer's contact bands largely extended;
  • maintenance operations extremely simplified and less expensive;
  • low noise level without any sound-proof cabinet;
  • superior quality of finished wires;
  • great operational flexibility, to set up the “best” drawing process for any type of material.
High precision design and manufacturing of mechanical parts, combined with a large use of standard commercial components from best manufacturers, make Euroalpha equipment a benchmark as overall reliability and user-friendly approach for operators and maintenance engineers.

Continuous and effective operations are guaranteed by our After-Sales Service well experienced team, and on-site assistance can be even further strenghtened thanks to the vast and capillary worldwide presence of our OEMs.
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